Saturday, October 30, 2010

Recipe for Success

Yesterday for Halloween my office team dressed up as the cast of Mad Men. Not only did we look totally badass, but we also won first prize in our company costume contest! All in all, it was a pretty cool day. We got to spend time in the bathroom teasing and spraying our hair, wearing false eye-lashes, and putting on WAY too much lipstick. We also went out for martinis at a fancy golf course after work with our $100 prize!

Living in today's world, us lady-folk are so lucky to be able to wear whatever we want. Normally, I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl at work. Dressing up only in black slacks/skirt and a blouse when I'm feeling fancy. Working in Southern California allows you the total surfer, laid-back style. I have to say that I did feel really good about myself dressed up like that. The clothes were flattering to my figure, my makeup really made my good features stand out, and the heels did great things for my legs. Oh, and the hair was kinda rad.

Now the down-side. By the end of the day, I was so uncomfortable! Wearing a panty-girdle all day is just wrong! My ankles almost broke like ten times when I missed a step wearing those shoes. A girl brought her dog in to visit, and I had to be extra careful when I attacked it with luvs as I was wearing a skirt. Oh, and my hair...oh god...I didn't get that next untangled until this morning!

Any women who lived through the 50s and 60s - please let me know how you did it! Do men know how hard it is to keep that look up? 

I still go back to the fact that I felt really pretty, so maybe dressing up once in a while is a good thing. Like everything in life, it's probably only okay in moderation. I've often heard the line, "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have." There might be some truth in that - I feel that I was taken a tad more seriously yesterday than when I wear a "Miller High-Life" t-shirt to work. Maybe the "recipe for success" does have a thing or two to do with wardrobe choice. Our CEO came by our department yesterday joked that maybe instead of "Casual Friday" we have "Casual Everyday" and a "Dress-Up Friday." I think I could handle that.


  1. LOVE those costumes!

    I'm a stay at home mom, but I've really noticed that the better I dress, the better I feel.

  2. Thanks Cate! Oddly enough, those weren't exactly costumes. We all just happen to have a lot of 1960s office-wear - no joke. The hair and makeup really made the outfits shine as "Mad Men."

  3. I'm impressed - you guys went all out. My current office isn't really into dressing up (though we did have a potluck). But the last place I worked was all over it, which was great. I love the idea of non-casual Fridays, too. Seriously, why kill yourself all week with heels and things? Save it for Friday and bring the weekend in with a bang!

  4. Thanks preggers!

    PS: LOVE your blog =)