Sunday, September 19, 2010

Celebrate with Food and Drink!

9/20/2008 - SB Yacht Club
Tomorrow is my two-year wedding anniversary - I can't believe that much time has actually gone by! After so much planning and preparing, the day came and went so darn fast. For practically an entire year, my life was all about "the wedding." Every phone call I received or made was about the wedding. My mother and I only talked about it, and it's all I could talk about to anyone else. I probably drove the world crazy, but that's just what happens. When the ceremony, and especially the reception finally arrived, I tried to stay in the moment and take it all in, but alas, it flew by at some sort of Star Wars-grade light-speed. I remember looking over at my husband as we were on the plane to Mexico (only hours after leaving the wedding) and saying, "Did that all just really happen?"
Seriously - this was our wedding cake

Since getting married, we saved for a house, bought a house, adopted a dog, and started slowly renovating said house. Thinking back, I guess we've done a lot to fill those two years, but still...when I look at the photos, I think, "that was just a little while ago." I suppose in the long scheme of things, it was. So now what? Our last anniversary came right after we moved into our new house, so it was a bit glossed over. We had too many things going on, so we just went to a special dinner and ate the top of our wedding cake. Was it good? Oh hell yes it was good. We vacuum sealed it in a container and it was AMAZING! So now it's our cotton anniversary, what can we do to make it extra special?

Puerto Vallarta
I thought it would be a lot of fun to plan this week's dinner menu according to the themes of our wedding and honeymoon in Mexico. Tonight will be Chicken Enchiladas in honor of our trip to an amazing restaurant called Chilaquiles in Puerto Vallarta - it was right on the water, and we had a perfect view of the goings-on. I remember ordering enchiladas and my husband ordering some amazing hand-made taquitos. It was so tasty, and we had a never ending supply of beer to go along with it. The waiter kept coming over to our table, chanting "Two more beers! Two more beers!" Who were we to argue? We didn't want to offend being in a foreign country 'n all, so we just went with it.

Tonight's dinner recipe will be courtesy of Cook's Illustrated, "Chicken Enchiladas with Red Chile Sauce." It seems like a lot of steps, but it is so well worth it! I also have a bunch of Mexican beer and tequila on hand. If we're going to re-live our wedding and honeymoon, we need to be thoroughly liquored-up.



  1. Happy Anniversary! It was the best wedding ever. I hope dinner came out well.

  2. Yay for two years!!! Yes the wedding was awesome - so glad we were able to make it out there. mmm enchiladas...I will have to send you some red new mexico chile powder. makes the best spicy red sauce ever.

  3. Thanks guys! It was so good to see you both at the wedding, I had a blast!

    @Lily - I'm so very interested in this red new mexico chile powder you speak of =)