Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Too Old For Sparkle Jeans...

In preparation for Thanksgiving, my husband and I went on a cleaning spree. I'm not talking the usual "cleaning," but more of a "purge." We started with the pantry, it led to the spice cabinet, which went on and on, finally ending up at our closets.

You know when you clean out your closet, there are things you save -  things you'll probably never wear again? They usually fall into one of these categories:
  • Too small, but they will fit once I lose this weight!
  • Goofy style, but I paid a lot for it...
  • Sentimental: wedding dress, prom dress, favorite band t-shirt from high school, etc.
My sparkle jeans fell into the "Goofy style, but I paid a lot for it" category. I still remember the day I bought those jeans. It was when I was living in Los Angeles during a month-long film production class. I was so frugal, but some of the girls in my class convinced me to go shopping with them. We went to some schmancy boutiques in Santa Monica. Just for shits, I tried on these jeans. They were super cool, made my but look awesome, and cost $200! I'm more of an Old Navy/on-sale Levis kind of girl - spending more than $30 on jeans is dumb. So of course I bought them.

As I pulled those jeans out of my closet, loads of memories rushed forth. I wore them to clubs, dancing, house parties - hell I even rocked them during a Tango lesson in Argentina! Mind you, I was in my early 20s when these jeans saw those rad events.

Looking at them now, I just see a silly pair of jeans. If I wore them out, I would look goofy. People would think, "What is she doing in those?" "The year 2000 called, it wants it jeans back." Even if I did decide to go dancing with my friends, I would probably dress in something that flattered my body and that I felt comfortable in. Back in the day, comfort was the last thing I cared about when going out.

Alas, I'm too old for sparkle jeans, so I'm going to donate them with the rest of the treasures I found in my closet this weekend. I hope some silly college girl or teenager finds them and loves them as much as I did!


  1. When we moved to Abq last spring...I got rid of my skinny jeans from 2002 - facing the fact that I was not going to fit back into my 21 y/o size jeans. It was hard. But it was good. And if I do get back down to that size - I'll just buy new ones - that would be worth a shopping spree!!

    And yes, sparkle jeans are out. hehe

  2. I love this story! I remember you in those jeans in Argentina!!

  3. Yeah, it's one thing to hold on to a good piece of clothing in hopes that it will fit again, but it's another when that item is crazy outdated and not age-appropriate.

  4. I love this post. You are getting really super good at this, you know that?

    And OH MY GOD, clothes. I totally hear you. I never had actual sparkly jeans, but lordy did I hold on to similar items of clothing. It was so weird the day I finally realized that tight, short shirts were... not so good looking on me anymore. I feel like I grew up like ten years that day.

    I hope your sparkly jeans find a good home, too.

  5. Thanks Lyn!

    Crap - are you saying that tight, short shirts are not "in"? I'm going to need to make another pass through my closet!